2017 Recent Weddings

Recent weddings from Oshkosh, Door County, Green Lake, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison Wisconsin

Green Bay Botanical Garden Wedding Photos

Wedding photos of Heather's and Josh' wedding and reception at the Green Bay Botanical Garden.

Oshkosh Wisconsin Wedding Photos of Holly and Brett

Holly and Brett got married in Oshkosh. Their reception was at the Oshkosh Convention Center along the Fox River. Wedding photos were taken at Sawyer Creek

Door County Wedding Photography of Mollie and Mark

Door County Wisconsin wedding photography of Mollie and Mark at Gordon Lodge on Lake Michigan.

Oshkosh Wedding Photography of Lizbeth and Matthew

Lizbeth and Matthew got married at the Oshkosh Convention Center along the Fox River. They had wedding photos taken there and at Glatz Park.

High Cliff State Park Wedding Photos of Kayla and Ben

Kayla and Ben got married at High Cliff State Park in northeast Wisconsin. They also took their wedding photos at the park.

Lindsey and Nate, Mulberry Lane Farm Wedding Photos

Photos from Lindsey's and Nate's Mulberry Lane Farm Wedding in Hulbert, Wisconsin.

Nora and Bryan, Door County Wedding Photography

Nora and Bryan got married at Gordon Lodge in Door County, Wisconsin. They also had their wedding photos taken there.

Carrie and Brett - Green Lake Wedding Pictures

Carrie and Brett got married in Green Lake, Wisconsin. Wedding photos were also taken in Green Lake.

Amanda and Casey, Green Bay Wedding Photography

Amanda and Casey got married in Appleton, Wisconsin with wedding photography by Ken Cravillion.

April and Justin, Green Bay Wedding Photography

The wedding photos of April and Justin who got married in Green Bay, Wisconsin on May 6th, 2017. Photography by Ken Cravillion.

Oshkosh Winter Wedding Photos of Tara and Andy

Tara and Andy had their winter wedding at The Waters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and had time in between the ceremony and reception for snowy outdoor photos.