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Antigo Wisconsin Wedding Photography

What kind of photography do you do?

Really good photography. :) My wedding photography is in a bit of a natural documentary style. I got my start photographing and selling my nature and landscape photos.  I have prints hanging in personal collections as well as several Midwest universities and doctors offices. I feel that nature has a big influence on how I shoot and compose wedding pictures. I want to tell a story of your day through pictures. I get everything from the getting ready stuff to all of the cool happenings at the reception depending on how long you want me there. Aside from the couple formal pictures (have to get those for the parents!) I like to remain invisible throughout the day. Think of me as a ninja with several cameras hanging around my neck.

How much time do I need?

If you’re looking for early reception coverage or your ceremony and reception are at the same venue my 6-hour coverage may work though it would be good to get the reception events done sooner if you want to guarantee pictures of the dances, etc. If you’d like me to capture through the grand march and all important dances 9 hours would work the best. Now, if you want me at the salon and then tagging along throughout the whole day the 11-hour coverage would be best (I love going to the salon! Great pictures!). For good storytelling pictures I would recommend at least 9 hours. If you’re looking for something a bit smaller (on a Friday or Sunday) just send me an email as I do offer custom 4-5 hour coverage starting at $1700. This coverage is also available on Saturdays from November 1st to March 31st.

What are your wedding packages?

Click here to view an easy to print PDF of my prices and info.

Do you customize wedding packages?

Of course! If you don't see a package that fits let me know and we could work out something that fits your wedding day. Just drop me an email or give me a call at 920-379-0962.

Are you available on my wedding day?

Probably. Send me an email or give me a call and I can let you know. If I do happen to be booked for your date (dang it!) I can send you a couple great referrals of photographers for whom I have worked with in the past whom are almost as awesome as me. :)

How much do I need to put down to hold my wedding day?

With a signed contract a booking fee of $1000 is required to hold your date with the remainder paid 30 days before the wedding date. I do it this way so I don't have to chase you down on the wedding day and it is one less thing to worry about on the big day. Other payment plans are also available if needed.

Can you hold my wedding date?

I cannot. To be fair to other couples I book my wedding dates on a first come first serve basis. 

What if I don’t use the engagement session?

Perhaps if you’re planning your wedding from out of state you may not need the engagement session. If you don’t use the engagement session in the Ceremony, Complete and Total Collections, it can be used as an extra hour towards your wedding coverage. Otherwise it has no cash value.

What is the print credit?

These are the prints included with your wedding coverage. You want awesome prints for the living room wall, right?  I hope you do. I don't want your flash drive sitting in a drawer either. You can use this to get some enlargements of your wedding pictures or it can also be used for enlargements of your engagement pictures.

How long do I wait for my pictures?!?!

I don't want you to wait for your pictures and I don't like to wait either. I want you to see them while still on the "wedding high". Approximate turnaround time for your images (the actual flash drive) is about two to three weeks…usually less. The slide show and online proofs of your wedding will be up on the website within 5-6 days of the wedding. If you friend me on Facebook (click me!), you might be tagged in a couple pictures within a day or so (I love posting teasers!). The hardcover books will take a while longer (about 1-2 months or so after images are chosen for the book). I will get them to you as quick as possible without sacrificing quality.

Where can my friends and family order pictures and how much?

You can order pictures at: Reprint prices are: 4x6--$6 5x7--$12 8x10--$20 11x14--$45 16x20--$90. Please inquire if you would like custom canvas or metal prints for your walls.

Do you include a flash drive with all of the pictures?

Yup, you get a cute little wooden flash drive in a lovely linen/paper box. The personalized flash drive included with each package has the full resolution pictures. This means that you can print your images and there will be no limitations as to what you do with them even if you want to put a 30x40 inch picture of yourselves over the couch. Included on the flash drive will be a PDF print release file. That said I still retain copyright to the photos and may use them for promotional purposes.  Most likely just my website portfolio gallery. When you get your flash drive I do recommend backing the files up on another hard drive or two. Always good to have a safe extra copy.

How many pictures do you shoot?

Just 1. Ha ha! Enough to get all of the great pictures from your day! Really though with the 6-hour coverage you’ll get between 200-400 pictures and with a higher hour coverage you’ll get between 300-600 pictures. I can’t give an exact amount because every wedding day is different.

What type of equipment do you use and do you bring backup equipment?

I shoot with my daughter’s My Little Pony Camera or my iPhone 6+ most of the day. It allows me to be quite unobtrusive and I can post the pictures to Instagram and Facebook right away! Just kidding… I use Canon and Sony digital cameras and a large assortment of professional lenses and flashes. These cameras and lenses often allow me to shoot without a flash most of the time allowing me to be pretty ninja-like... That way I can remain inconspicuous and let you go about your day. I also bring backups of everything. Cameras, lenses, flashes, pants, underwear, etc…. I’m covered if something happens.

Do you have insurance?

Abso-freaking-lutely. Not only do I have insurance on all of my gear but I also have liability insurance in case the worst happens. Some venues require liability insurance and I can provide that document if needed. Please give me three weeks before the wedding to get it.

What do you wear?

Sometimes I wear pants. And maybe a shirt. Really, I try to look like a guest with 2-3 large cameras hanging around my neck! Really, to perform my best I need to be comfortable so lightweight but dressy clothes are the norm... Usually black.

Do I have to feed you?

I do occasionally get hungry. I can eat with the guests if you’d like. The crazier the better! If you have assigned seating, closer to the front table is better as I may need to get up there quick for pictures of the speeches or you two kissing. And don't laugh when I ask for the kids meal. 

How many weddings have you done?

Quite a few! 250+ weddings in the last 10 years. Ken Cravillion Photography has officially been in business since January 24th, 2001 and photographing weddings since 2005.

What if you get sick?

Easy…  I don’t get sick. I have been working 18+ years and I have been sent home twice and called in once at my various jobs and I have never missed a wedding. Ever. Rest assured I do have a network of excellent photographers to call on if the worst happens.

What else do you do besides weddings?

Being awesome! Ha ha... I like to hang out with family and friends. I’ve got two little girls that are just so dang cute that I spend all day with. I also enjoy nature and nature photography… Check out the nature photography section of my website to see what I do and where I like to go. Also, nature photography I feel is a big influence on my wedding photography and how I compose and see your pictures.

Do you travel for weddings?

Heck yea! I primarily serve Northeast Wisconsin including Door County and the surrounding area. Travel to locations within 2 hours of Oshkosh, Wisconsin is at no extra charge. Locations beyond 2 hours (a moon wedding would be cool or Iceland) is subject to extra charges such as lodging, gas, space travel, food, etc... Basically, if you want me there no matter where, I will be there. I love to travel!

Photographer for life?

Yes! Not only do I photography weddings… I am available for your family photos, maternity photos as well as photography of your new baby. And when that baby gets bigger I can do their senior pictures.

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