Ken Cravillion Photography

I honestly cannot recommend Ken Cravillion enough. In short: Not only were the photos phenomenal, but also working with him was an absolute pleasure. He has a natural talent for setting up and framing great photos, and he has a great eye for catching these little moments that just make for amazing pictures. We simply could not be happier with our decision to hire Ken as our wedding photographer and he was worth every cent. We originally planned for an outdoor ceremony but the weather, that day, had other plans. Even though it was raining out, Ken went out of his way to scout out and find an awesome place for us—way on the other side of our wedding venue—that we could go for our wedding party pictures without being rained on... and the sky and background in those pictures turned out amazing! He really went the extra mile finding this spot for us, and it is a great example of Ken's natural eye, for this sort of thing, and his dedication to getting great pictures for you. We really wanted a photographer who could capture and preserve the moments of the day: our friends and family having fun together. There are tons of photographers who can show you beautiful posed pictures, but it’s a lot harder to be in the right place, at the right time, and capture great pictures that really make you *feel* what it was like to be there, in that moment. When we looked at the final pictures, he caught all kinds of amazing action shots of people dancing and having fun, of special moments between our friends and family and us, and tons of just beautiful shots. He was ALL OVER that place getting photos of different people from different angles, and he was never getting in anyone's way. All in all: working with Ken was an absolute pleasure, he took amazing photographs, and he caught these beautiful little moments that really captured the feelings and experiences of our wedding day. I cannot recommend him enough, and we are immensely glad that we hired him!

Oshkosh, Wisconsin Wedding Photographer