Ken Cravillion Photography

We live in Maryland but both were born and raised in Wisconsin, which is where our wedding will be. That being said, it is a bit difficult trying to book vendors from afar. From the moment I saw Ken's photos on the various websites, I knew I had to reach out to him and prayed he was within our budget. He has such a great mixture of photos - both in color and in overall variety - but one thing that he surpassed every other company on was his ability to get action shots.
Fast forward to us flying back to Wisconsin for three days (yes - only three days) to meet with a large handful of vendors - including Ken. Ken, being the awesome person that he is and knowing our busy schedule, and met us halfway from where we were staying and where he is located. During the meeting, he never interrupted us, listened to our questions fully, and best of all, brought with him examples of what we would receive if we booked his services. The book he provided us to look at was outstanding - such great quality. He was very patient as we looked through the book and asked our questions. We had my mother, maid of honor, and "wedding coordinator" with us, and every single one of us knew within a short time that Ken was the right fit for us. It wasn't even just about the quality of his work - he is a genuine person who clearly loves what he does. I simply cannot wait to work with him at our wedding. I'm so curious to see what his creativity will bring to the day, and what amazing and unexpected shots he will capture.

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